Lady in Red: Winter Coat Edition

How many of you go through the entire winter wearing one or two coats every single day? I know I’m guilty of that. I’ve been wearing the same black down coat for 5 years and needless to say, I’m tired of it. Lately, I became obsessed with red, which is a big change from my black and white routine that lasted for years.


I’m a big fan of military-style coats and jackets. For a very long time, I only wore navy blue military jackets – so much as that I was constantly mistaken for being a fight attendant! Years later, my love of military style jackets has still not faded, but I was ready to try another color! When I found this red military style jacket from Vince Camuto, I was beyond thrilled. The red looks so stunning and the double buttons are exactly the military-style coat I always love. When I shot this look, it was right before Valentine’s Day, so it was the perfect timing for red.


With Valentine’s Day in mind, I got a little creative. Instead of opting for a traditional pair of sunglasses, I looked for something heart-shaped. And guess where I found them? Walmart. Yup, you heard it right. It was 10 bucks and I had no hesitation to purchase. Unfortunately, they’re no longer available online, so I found this very similar pair from Nordstrom  – to be honest, I wish I had gotten that one because the narrower shape is so much more on trend right now!


To complete the look, I found this pair of gorgeous red booties also from Vince Camuto. I can’t remember how many compliments I received. They look so good with lots of styles – skirts, pants or really, most other things. And surprisingly, they’re relatively comfortable to wear!

What’s your favorite winter style? Do you wear more or less color in the winter? And what did you wear for Valentine’s?

To check out more red styles, head over to my post about this gorgeous red jumpsuit.

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