Window Pane Pants and Triangle Sunglasses

Ever since I got hooked to window pane patterns a while ago (my very first was a white jacket from Derek Lam!), I can’t stop wearing them! This time, it was pants. Coincidentally, they are also from Derek Lam (I seriously think they have a thing for window panes :).

Window Pane Pants

The first time I discovered the beauty of window pane patterns was when my colleague Sofia wore them to work. They were from Uniqlo and I thought they look very flattering. When I started doing Rent the Runway, I found out that Derek Lam is a brand that has a lot of these patterns.

The best thing about this pair of pants is that they are SO comfortable. I’m not exaggerating – I thought I was wearing pajamas to work. As a designer brand, Derek Lam sources high-quality fabric, which is why it feels so comfortable.

Triangle Cateye Sunglasses

I’ve been wearing a lot of cateye sunglasses, so recently I thought I need to be more creative with my sunglasses choices. Guess what I found – these super cool triangle cateye sunglassesย (cheaper version here)! I know, I know. They are still cateye, but how cool are the shapes?

Since spring is so chilly in New York City, I had to pick out a jacket that keeps me warm and aligns with the super chic vibe of this look. This amazing orange coat from Zara is my pick and I was very happy with how it turned out.

I wore this outfit to several different occasions and the amount of compliments I received were overwhelming. If you’re looking for a chic spring look, look no further!

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