Wear White for Spring: White Blazer and Booties

My fascination with white blazer started a long time ago. As a fashion enthusiast, I love everything that doesn’t look like everything else. In a sea of standard corporate black blazers, other colors definitely stand out. Spring time is also the best season to wear white because we’re so ready to get rid of that dreary weather (at least for us here in NY).

White Blazer

This beautiful white blazer from Club Monaco is love at first sight. It is mid-length, so it comes with that flowy feeling that is much desirable for the spring. It also has a tiny hook hidden inside in case you want to close it, but I’m so in love with the clean lines of this blazer.

Ruffled Skirt

Also from Club Monaco, this beautiful ruffled skirt reminds me of the pattern from Yayoi Kusama’s art (if you haven’t seen them, check them out here). But if you have severe trypophobia (I personally have mild symptoms), you might want to stay away unfortunately. Otherwise, this ruffled skirt is perfect for that flowy effect. The slanted cut and strategic opening from the side makes it perfect for visual effect – especially with a tiny bit of wind.

White Booties

I cannot say more great things about this pair of white booties. I actually got them on final sale from Steve Madden for $23! Yup you heard it right. This amazing steal might not be available anymore, but I did find a pair that is very similar to mine (and reasonably priced) and you’ll love them. The fact that it’s low-heeled makes all the different. I can walk in them all day and still feel comfortable. Looks like I’ll be wearing a lot of them this spring!

Star-Studded Sunglasses and Market Bag

When I was browsing booties in Steve Madden, I came across this cute pair of sunglasses with star studs. It is oversized, which frames my face really well. They look way more expensive than they really are and I was so happy to have found them. They are available now from Steve Madden’s official website for $36!

When it comes to bags, I always want to try more novelty ones. While this market bag from Elizabeth and James Accessoriesย (also available for rent from Rent The Runway) is not too “out of this world” novel, I quite like the fact that its color matches that of my skirt and the shiny texture makes it look extra luxurious.

Bonus Behind the Scene!

And any photoshoot would not be complete without a friendly stranger photobombing, right? This gentleman insisted that he be included in our photos. I was just trying to put my warm down coat on and here we go – my talented photographer Nephi snapped a photo of us together. I may never see him again, but I love his smile and energy!

White really is perfect for the spring. Do you wear more white in the spring? Share your thoughts about this outfit!

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