Versatile Vintage Military Trousers

To say that I love military style clothing is an understatement – I mean, I’m crazy about it. I love wearing whatever forms of variants that come with a string of buttons. They just look so chic to me and frankly speaking, this has become somewhat of a personal style. It’s no secret that I also love a touch of vintage – not full on 70s style obviously, but just a tad bit of that flavor would be nice.


I recently came across this pair of sailor pants from Draper James. It is in navy blue – one of my favorite colors. A bit of background here – I decided to try out Rent the Runway after much debate inside of my head. The RTR Unlimited subscription is what I’m currently on and frankly, it is quite pricey. Another factor that contributed to my hesitation was the fact that a lot of the styles there are more “mature” than mine, which is understandable as they obviously didn’t anticipate most early 20-somethings who are struggling to find a job would be signing up any time soon. Anyways, I’d like to write a review about it later to give you guys an overview of the service, so stay tuned!


Now back to the subject. I love the loose look of this trousers and the golden buttons are definitely attractive. Even though I didn’t anticipate that it is quite light, so I would not recommend it for the winter. It’s more of a late spring, early summer item.ย 

Some of you might be curious about the cute white floral crop top – unfortunately, this is an old item I bought from Topshop a few years ago, so it is no longer available. But I did find something similar here that would go quite as well with this pair of pants.

Accessories and Shoes

Since the pants have a light touch of vintage to it, I thought it would be nice to add my favorite cateye sunglasses to complete the look. This pair of sunglasses really go with a lot of things, as you can read about it here.

As we’re approaching spring (almost?), I thought a pair of white shoes would go nicely with the look. I found these really cute mid-heel white shoes from Topshop and they are so chic! They really go well with a lot of outfits, so I would recommend them if you’re looking for some spring shoes.

Finally on to the bag – they are from this cute little shop called Poppy Apparel. It is a small online boutique carrying designs from independent designers. Yes, they do ship from China and from the price point, you can probably tell that they don’t necessarily compare well with big brands in terms of quality, but if you’re in need of something cute on a budget, why not try them out (they have free worldwide shipping)? I have a 10% discount code for those of you interested in purchasing: dressonoma10.


Does any of you like double-buttoned military looks? What is your favorite color when in comes to military style?

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