Unique Gift: Women’s Wooden Watches That Go with Everything

It is almost that time of the year! Spring is coming and Mother’s Day is almost around the corner.ย  When looking for gifts, I always try to go unique. How disappointing would it be if you realize your loved ones have already received similar gifts from other people? I received my first watch as a gift from my mother when I was 13 years old. Even years later, I still remember that it was a cute metal watch in rose gold – my favorite color! In fact, I loved it so much I almost had a heart attack when I accidentally misplaced it in the bathroom at work. So much so I developed a crush on my coworker who helped me find it (but that’s another story).

Fast forward many years, I’m now having a great career in New York City. Somewhere along the road, the busy New York lifestyle has made me forget about wearing watches. Since the invention of smartphones, it seems like most people have started to rely on their phones for the time. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing, except when your phone is out of battery or when you’re sitting in a meeting and want to check the time (when is this thing going to be over, right?). One of my coworkers told me that he much prefers wearing a watch because he likes to discreetly check the time in meetings – and obviously, the phone ain’t gonna help with that. Aside from convenience, it never goes out of style because it is such a classic accessory.

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Wooden Watches

While most watches on the market are metal, I find unique watches that are non-metal, such as wooden, very appealing. The last thing I want my watch to do is to feel heavy and wooden watches are exactly the opposite. They are extremely light-weight and will never have that erosion from sweat that we commonly see in metal watches over time.

When I received this unique women’s wooden watch from JORD, I was beyond thrilled. Not only does it come in a beautiful pinkish burgundy color, it feels incredibly lightweight to wear. I also really appreciate the fact that it goes with just about any outfit I put on, whether it is chic casual outfit for a nice date, weekend outing or a formal dress.
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If you’re looking for an easy gift item, watch is one of the best ways to go – it never goes out of style and unless it is a Rolex, it is not that expensive. If you want to make it even more special to impress your special someone, JORD has exactly the feature to help you with that.

Engraved Watch

One of the most unique features of JORD watches is that it comes with watch engraving options. I find that very valuable because while I don’t want my face to be imprinted on a gift, I do want the person to remember years later that it was from me. Most people won’t keep the little notecard or gift wraps, but if your message is engraved, you bet they will see it all the time.

Mix and Match

I switch outfits pretty frequently for different occasions, and one of my concerns is whether my watch would still go with these outfits. It turns out that it is very versatile and goes with just about anything. From day to night, I can wear it everyone and it wouldn’t look out of place. I always like unique items like this that I can wear all the time instead of just one occasion.

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Unique Packaging

And if you’re curious what the packaging of JORD watches looks like, they are very unique – even more so than the watch itself, I’d say. It comes with a luxurious wooden box with a stuffed pouch to present and protect the watch. Even though the watch itself is light, the weight of the packaging makes it perfect as a unique gift.

A side note: if you’re buying for a guy, no worries, JORD absolutely specializes in men’s watches as well.

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If you’re thinking about waiting until it goes on sale, actually now is the best time because JORD is running a massive giveaway! It is actually one of the best I’ve seen because everyone not only has a chance to receive a $100 gift code but for all entries not selected, JORD automatically awards a 10% discount code. To enter the giveaway, click here.

If you’re looking for spring outfit ideas, I have a couple of inspirations for you here.

This post is in collaboration with JORD.

Luxury Wooden Watch

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