Super Chic All White Spring Work Fashion

I’ve owned a lot of blazers – mostly all black – for my 9-5 day job. They are quite functional as well as professional looking. I’m sure my office is not the only one that blasts AC in the summer. Therefore, the blazer becomes almost essential if you don’t want to catch a summertime cold. But lately, I’ve been wondering why I never changed up the style and color of my blazers, until I came across this incredibly chic check blazer from Derek Lam.


I can’t even remember how many compliments I received wearing this blazer for the first time at my office. At first, I thought this blazer was good, but not that stunning since it is not a bright color, but apparently people really seems to love it. Or it could be that when you break your usual pattern, people really do notice. Whichever it was, I think the overall feedback was very positive. It is just like your standard blazer, but obviously the pattern is the winner.

To make it spring ready, I paired this blazer with my favorite white skinny jeans. I think a structured blazer like this would look great with something more fitting to my body, and I was right!

The all white color scheme is so pleasing for the eye and especially great for the much awaited spring that is about to come soon (I really hope).

Shoes and Sunglasses

I know I must be obsessed with cateye sunglasses, but what can I say, they just look so good with everything. Since the frame is white, it goes even better with this outfit.

Since we’re going all white, I thought a pair of white shoes would be best to complete this look. These incredibly chic white shoes from Topshop are really the shining stars here. The pointed design adds on to the chic-ness of this look because it elongates my legs visually. The fact that they are mid-height is also an added bonus for comfort.


Besides the blazer and my shoes, I think the favorite part of this look I created is this circular bag from Kate Spade. I’ve always been a fan of the brand because it carries a lot of whimsically creative bags and I’m a huge sucker for those. This bag is perfect because it is 1) creatively shaped 2) looks elegant enough for a party 3) quite roomy for what it is. I think it should get a 9.5 out of 10 in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

Do you like this look? What are some of your go-to blazers? How do you feel about novelty bags?

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