Spring Fashion: Cutout Cropped Pants

I’ve been pretty back up with work, personal projects and running this blog, so apologies for my radio silence in blogging last week. Some of you might have seen this style on my Instagram a while ago, but now it’s time to go into more details. Cropped pants are wonderful for the spring as the warmer weather allows us to show a little more skin.

Cropped Pants

While not a frequent customer at Ann Taylor, I do enjoy the occasion trips there. This time I found a pair of beautiful spring cropped pants with cutout details – or so I think. Ironically, I totally blew past the sign that says “petite” right above and bought them without hesitation. Later, when I saw Ann Taylor’s catalogue model wearing these pants that dropped all the way down to her ankles, I had the realization that I just accidentally turned petite full-length pants into regular cropped pants! Oh well, it worked out nicely anyway.ย 

I love the floral cutout details at the bottom a lot. They make the pants so much more fun than traditional ones and perfect for the spring!

Cutout Top

To match the cutout pants, I spotted a white top with similar cutout details. It is super flattering to wear as it shows off your body’s contour and the fabric is airy enough for the spring.

White Booties

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I got these beautiful and highly walkable white booties on final sale from Steve Madden for $23! This amazing steal might not be available anymore, but I did find a pair that is very similar to mine (and reasonably priced) and you’ll love them. The fact that it’s low-heeled makes all the different. I can walk in them all day and still feel comfortable.

Bonus Behind the Scene!

While we’re at it, my photographer Sean suggested that I play this game. I didn’t grow up in the US and has no idea how to play it so he showed me. I am ashamed to say that I still could not remember its official name – any pointers?

Do you like cropped pants (real or fake ones converted from petite sizes if you’re regular like me)? How about cutout details?

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