Spring 2018 Style Trends: How to Style A Floral Dress

One of the biggest Spring 2018 style trends is definitely floral! I’ve recently tapped into the world of floral clothing and I have to say I am getting more into in every day. Ever wonder how to wear a floral dress better? The key is: get the right floral pattern for you and pair it with light-colored shoes!

Spring Floral Dress

When it comes to floral, I am a very picky person. Maybe it’s because I’m still new to this, but I know for a fact that not every floral pattern works for me. The choice of floral pattern is highly personal. It depends on how you feel about the flowers – too much? too little? or you’re not sure about the color? It is hard to explain, but I would say that I prefer florals at a medium to low amount. Floral patterns with too many flowers feel crowded to me – and as a designer, I am big on composition and spacing naturally!

This beautiful floral dress by Shoshanna Bayard is a standout piece. I love the semi-transparent neck area with flowers growing all the way to the top. It is also in the shape of a classic sleeveless fit and flare style. You can never go wrong with that!spring floral dress

Unique Wooden Watch

Recently, I have started to wear a watch again – after years of break because of smartphones! Honestly, it feels really good to have some analogue touches in my life. They say oldies are the goodies – it is so true. I would not have to nervously tap on my phone in meetings if I’m curious about the time (who isn’t, right?) again. I can just quickly glance over my hands as if nothing happened and I will have been informed of the time.

These wooden watches from JORD are super light weight to wear and very stylish. I picked on that is in a beautiful plum color. They are currently having a massive giveaway offering a chance to win $100 code, so I would definitely take advantage of that. Even if you didn’t win, you still get a 10% off code – nothing to lose, right?.

You can enter easily here. Let me know if you do end up winning!
spring floral dressspring floral dress

Cateye Sunglasses

White is another great color for the spring. I would stay away from gray and black at this point because they are for the winter! I paired my favorite cateye sunglasses with this outfit. And of course, it looks effortless with the floral pattern.

White Shoes

I’ve worn these pointed toe white shoes from TopShop a couple of times with other outfits. They have proven to be so very versatile. I thought they would only go with pants, but I was totally wrong. The design is a beautiful combination of a formal pump and a casual oxford, which makes it easy to wear to everywhere.
spring floral dress

Do you like to wear floral? How would you style a floral dress? What are some of the Spring 2018 style trends that you like?

To check out my other spring floral look, head over to this post about my first floral romper!

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