Retro Fashion: Yellow Beret and Wide Pants

As spring is in full bloom (whatever that means here in NYC:), I’ve expanded my color obsession from red to more bright colors and yellow is the perfect one for this season. Literally every clothing store is full of yellow outfits – looks like I’m right on trend!

Yellow Beret

Since getting into the game of beret lately, I’ve been wanting to try more colors. This super cute beret from Urban Outfitters is a no brainer. As someone with a larger-than-average head, I have to be very careful about picking hats. Luckily, I hit a home run with this one – it fits my head!
I was wandering around South Street Seaport, a beautiful historic district in NYC with lots of cobble stones and cool ships hanging around. I found this one and couldn’t resist taking a photo in front of it. No, it’s not a Titanic replica but doesn’t it look majestic?

Yellow Wide Pants

As the concept is going all retro, I thought some wide-legged pants might be nice. It’s not what I normally wear, but I’m happy that this experiment was actually successful. From colleagues to my building’s doormen, most people complimented on these bright yellow pants from M.I.H Jeans (rented through Rent The Runway). I was even surprised by that! Looks like everyone needed a little sunshine in their lives.

Retro Glasses

This was my first time experimenting with these super retro yellow sunglasses. I was on the fence about trying them out because I was worried that I might look like a grandmother. But after putting them on, I have to say I kinda like how accurately they reflect the retro vibe I was going for. They probably won’t be a wardrobe staple of mine, but for this look, they worked well!

For wardrobe staples, I would recommend these cute heart cateye sunglasses. They are just more versatile and go with just about anything.ย  Just this morning, a random construction guy on the street commented “these shades are phenomenal!”

Owl Bag

One thing that I really love is novelty bags. And that makes me addicted to Kate Spade because they are the queen of novelty bags. Everything cute things in the world – you will find them on their bags. I’ve been obsessed with owls since I was a kid (probably due to my status as a Harry Potter fan:). When I saw this incredibly adorable owl clutch, I just had to get my hands on it. It is definitely a novelty item for going out or a party, but we all need a conversation piece like this if we want to shine through the crowd, right?

Do you go retro from time to time? Should I stick with red or did you like my experiments? To read about my previous foray into novelty bags, check out this post!

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