Red Beret and Black Ruffle Dress

My love of red has recently extended to hats! Ground breaking, I know. But seriously, this is my first time trying to style a beret with a dress and I was quite nervous about the result. I know that I need to pick the right beret and right kind of red, and I was so happy I did it!

Red Beret

Not sure if anyone can actually tell, but I have a relatively large head. No one I have spoken to has any idea about this until I told them and even then, they were still skeptical. I have always known this fact as my mother told me that when I was around 2 years old, she once watched me play downstairs from her balcony and all she saw was my head moving! I know this may sound crazy, but she wasn’t exaggerating.

So what does this have to do with the beret? Well, I can’t fit into most small to medium sized-hats. If a beret is too small or doesn’t have enough slouch, it’ll look super weird on my head. Luckily, I found this beautiful red beret from Free People with just the right color and slouch and it looks amazing! I was so happy because I didn’t think I could ever pull it off with my huge head ๐Ÿ™‚
A few thoughts about central park horse carriages – they were fantastic backgrounds for photos! I was so happy that my photographer Nelson was able to capture some beautiful moments of just me and the carriages. As you know, there are always a ton of people around Central Park and we were quick to act! My favorite photo from this shoot was the one with the horse carriage driver wearing 1920s outfit in the background. It looks like I came straight out of a storybook!ย 

Black Half Circle Bag

In order to highlight the beauty of the red beret, I chose to wear all black. This cute half circle bag from Zac Zac Posen complements my ruffle dress really well. I have to say this is more of a novelty item as it doesn’t hold as much and is kind of hard to close (honest review:).

Black Ruffle Dress

The 2nd highlight of this look is definitely the multi-layered black ruffle dress from Keepsake. Honestly I have never heard of them before I discovered the dress from Rent the Runway, but after browsing through their website, I was hooked! This designer label from Australia has so many amazing styles at incredibly affordably prices. Needlessly to say, I’ll be looking at their new arrivals closely in the upcoming seasons.

Bonus Behind the Scene

From time to time, I like to include some behind-the-scene bloopers to show you just how hard it is to get the shot right. In a busy city like New York, there is never a shortage of people. Having been here for 6-7 years, I have gotten used to the crowd naturally, but when I’m trying to take photos, this becomes a challenge because they keep walking past you!

When I was trying to shoot in front of Radio City Music Hall, a guy driving a limo swooped past us and burst into David Bowie’s tunes all of a sudden. That’s what inspired my super awkward dance moves above.

And this lovely lady represents the true spirit of New York pedestrians – minding their own business and don’t care about anyone else. That’s the attitude you need in order to survive in this fast-paced and crazy competitive city!

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