Lady in Red: Sexy Red Jacket with Red Booties + Cameo Appearance!

If you’ve been following along my articles, you’ll know that I LOVE red. I think we shouldn’t limit wearing red to festive occasions. If I feel like red today, I’m going to wear red – even in my very corporate office. The feedback I received so far has been 100% positive. People seem to really like a pop of color in a sea of black and white (cough, cough, banks).

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Super Chic All White Spring Work Fashion

I’ve owned a lot of blazers – mostly all black – for my 9-5 day job. They are quite functional as well as professional looking. I’m sure my office is not the only one that blasts AC in the summer. Therefore, the blazer becomes almost essential if you don’t want to catch a summertime cold. But lately, I’ve been wondering why I never changed up the style and color of my blazers, until I came across this incredibly chic check blazer from Derek Lam.

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Versatile Vintage Military Trousers

To say that I love military style clothing is an understatement – I mean, I’m crazy about it. I love wearing whatever forms of variants that come with a string of buttons. They just look so chic to me and frankly speaking, this has become somewhat of a personal style. It’s no secret that I also love a touch of vintage – not full on 70s style obviously, but just a tad bit of that flavor would be nice.

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Novelty Bag and Vintage Cateye Sunglasses

As a creative person, I always appreciate novelty items. Of course, I’ve seen plenty of novelty gadgets that look ridiculous and definitely not to be taken seriously. When it comes to fashion, I do appreciate the occasional novelty accessories like…oh I don’t know, a circular bag in the shape of a woman’s head? Okay, it sounds weirder than it really is, but you get my point.

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Lady in Red: Flowy Midi Skirt

In my wardrobe, you’ll see a plethora of mini skirt – almost to the point of absurdity. Okay, that maybe an overly strong statement, but you get the idea. I rarely wear any medium to long skirts because I’ve been told they do not look good on me.ย  One time, I tried on a blue midi skirt, which in my opinion was pretty darn cute, and my grandmother gasped and said: “Why are you wearing such a long skirt? Young girls like you should show more skin!” And I never wore a midi skirt again after that. Until now.

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