Flower Denim Shirt for the Spring

After my initial foray into the world of denim (see my post here), I can’t stop! In the spirit of spring, I found a super cute denim shirt with flower embellishments and I couldn’t be happier wearing it for the spring. After all, we are not seeing any flowers here in NYC since it’s still covered in snow, but at least I can have some flowers on my outfit!

Flower Denim Shirt

When it comes to denim, we can’t over do the floral – at least not for my taste. This denim shirt has just the right amount of flower embellishment to make it stand out from other boring blue denim shirts. It has long sleeves, so it is perfect for the spring time.

Scallop double shorts

I’m a big fan of scallop everything – scallop the seafood (duh), scallop top, scallop dress and yes, scallop shorts! I love this scallop double shorts because it looks like a mini skirt, which is another favorite item of mine. It is super flattering to wear because it elevates your waistline and shows off your legs!

Not gonna lie – it is a bit chilly to wear for the spring, but on a bright sunny day like this, I’d give it a try.

Dramatic Cateye Sunglasses

It is no secret that I LOVE cateye sunglasses, but previously I’ve been wearing a more tone-down version. After seeing a lot of bloggers on Instagram wearing different versions of this dramatic cateye sunglasses from Free People, I just couldn’t resist the temptation to try them myself.

People were very enthusiastic about this pair of sunglasses. When my colleague saw them lying on my desk, he said “quick, put in on!”. I have to say – I’m current obsessed with them. They are just such a fashion statement themselves, you can go anywhere wearing normal clothes and still look like a star!

Pastel Blue Bag

In the spirit of blue denim, I thought it would look like to carry a blue bag. I don’t want to steal the show with my bag this time because we got plenty of other things going on here. It is a classic fashion styling tip – only pick one highlight and complement it with the rest. As a designer myself, I’ve been using the same principle for my work and it is easily translatable to fashion. This cute pastel blue convertible bag from Tory Burch is perfect for the outfit. It is the standard going out crossbody bag size which can store your lon wallet and a few essential items. Also, the tassel charm is such a lovely addition to the bag!

What do you think of this denim shirt? Do you prefer it with or without flower embellishments?

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