Designer Fashion: Red Peplum Top

My signature red has returned, yet again! I came across a really cute peplum top from Karen Millen a while ago and could not get my hands off of it (not in a creepy way of course). So much so I had to ask the store associate to rip it off from a mannequin as that’s the only size I can wear left (again not creepy at all:)!

Peplum Top

I’m not the person who stacks her closet with designer pieces. Partly because I don’t have that kind of money at this moment and partly because I don’t think it’s right to spend an obscene amount of money just on clothes – before I’m making millions or billions. Even then, there’re more important things in life to invest in than clothes, am I right? I’m shooting my own feet as a fashion blogger, just sayin’.

Anyway, this beautiful peplum top from Karen Millen speaks to me in a few different ways. A few years back, I became obsessed with peplum tops in general. I really like how the tucked in part creates a slimming waistline. The flip at the end also adds a bit of feminine touch to it.
I’m especially enamored by the striped sailor uniform-esque belt in the middle, which makes it look even more vintage (hence my type).

Red Booties

I’ve worn these red booties from Vince Camuto over and over again, yet I’m still not tired of them somehow. They are just such a natural choice to go with this red top.

Red Structured Bag

This amazing red structured bag from Zac Zac Posen is a pure delight. You can probably tell from my style that I love structured accessories with great details and this bag is exactly that.

This entire outfit works for a cute date night or an office day when you feel like standing out from your colleague’s black and gray attires. Rest assured, compliments are guaranteed!

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