Lady in Red: White Swan on Fire

Strangely enough, I came up with the title of this post from an inspiration I took from one of the comments on my Instagram posts. Someone commented that I looked like a white swan in this outfit and I thought that was hilarious – but somewhat true. This is the first time I’m trying on a fluffy jacket like this one and I have to say I love it!

Jacket & Top

This white jacket from Anthropologie was on clearance when I found it, so unfortunately it is no longer on their website, but I did find a similar style here. It is a jacket well suited for special occasions. It makes you look extra stylish and even red carpet ready! It is definitely not for the dead of winter in NYC, even though it is relatively warm, but not enough for frigid weather.

Because it is white, make sure you take good care of it and not spill wine or food over it! As with anything white extra caution goes a long way. So yes, this is not for your everyday wear but it’s good to have in your closet when you need that extra stylish upgrade!

For the top, I chose to reuse the beautiful Q&A Alba Halter Top from Anthropologie that I wore for this look. It goes so perfectly together with my jacket! If you lose the jacket, the white top is great on its own with the red pants as well.


I’ve always been a fan of red pants, but I’m very picky about the tint and shade of the red. A lot of red pants from lower end brands look tacky and cheap. I tend to go either with a deeper red color in leather or an orange-ish red like this one if I want that extra pop. This color is the kind of red that shines through the crowd but does not look cheap at all. It is also from Anthropologie and currently retailing at a reasonable price of $98.ย 



I opted for the Michael Kors Paloma Bootie again for this look as they are just versatile. I would definitely invest in something like this that goes with almost anything.

Do you like to wear red pants? What shades of red do you prefer?

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